The Jaye Spot Episode Dating vs Hooking UP 01212016

The Jaye Spot Episode Dating vs Hooking UP 01212016


Do people today still date? Or is your first date “come over to my house and let’s hook up”? When this topic aired on The Jaye Spot, responses from the show leaned more to hooking up than actually dating and getting to know one another. There is so much in the media today about sex, and honestly sex has always been here. Over time it gets a little bit more open where it’s almost gotten to the point where “If I have one more drink” is a true statement everywhere.

Is it wrong to want to be courted? Is chivalry dead? No! But what is dead is the value that women place on themselves. We all have fallen victim to “one night stands” and “I thought he/she would call me back.” But unfortunately today this is a snowball affect. Here’s a hint, women want to be chased and courted even the most “independent” woman wants it. Her pride and fear is what’s stopping her from allowing a man to get close to court. But on the flip side, men want to be courted as well. Men want to feel appreciated just like women do.

Brothers, court her, get to know her and if that’s not what you are about than leave her alone. Sisters court that man! What’s wrong with it. The words “Thank You” are not hard to say. Make him feel appreciated even if he takes you to Burger King. Just know that if you feel your monkey is worth more than Burger King than keep your legs close and at the end of the night tell him “Thank you, I look forward to seeing you again.” So the next time he will step his game up. Let him work for you and fellas what is wrong with working and earning her trust and friendship first if you are trying to get to know her.

Simpli E from The Jaye Spot and all I’m saying is court me, get to know me, and learn how to love me. I believe in getting to know you, the days of hitting it and quitin’ should be over especially those in your 30s and up.sl4