The Jaye Spot Episode Cheating 01142016

The Jaye Spot Episode Cheating 01142016


When I look back at this show, I think of pain that I felt in the room from our guest. More so the fellas. They had been cheated on, one forgave his significant other and tried to move on in the relationship but eventual he left. The other could not forgive and ended it. Both men loved these woman, but it was difficult to see past what the act that was committed. The room was split. For the host and co host, one stated what the other one does, then she can do as well. The other lived through it and chose to forgive and move on. Our female guest sided with the host, so that night was very touchy.

My views on cheating, especially when there is a marriage or children involved, forgiving that person is easier than walking around doubting yourself. I have been cheated on and the reasons for me seemed petty. My ex husband cheated because I gained weight, so he cheated with females smaller than me. That didn’t break me or give me low self esteem. Because while was looking else where, some was looking in my direction. This is what you subject your relationship to when cheating is done. It truly is a boomerasl4ng effect.

Those who initiated the cheating never think, what if my partner cheated on me? Would she/he find out? What would I do if they walked in on me? Is it worth cheating or should I just walk away from the relationship? If this is a marriage, especially with children involved, is this the type of person I want my children to be?

Cheating truly is a selfish act in my opinion. Instead of cheating try new things in your bedroom that are pleasing to both. Take classes that enhance the bedroom. Go on dates with one another, a relationship is work. It is very easy to be single because the only person you have to deal with is you. In a relationship there are two people, if he/she is worth investing time in, invest time and continue to court each other.

With much love from Simpli E.