Should Women Pursue Men?

Should Women Pursue Men?


Should me pursue women…..ABSOLUTELY!! I apologize, see suga here on The Jaye Spot some things remain old fashion. Court me, get to know me, take your time with me. I will keep you intrigued and involved, but yes pursue me. You will know whether or not I will allow you to pursue me. First beloved I have to I have to allow you to pursue me. The first attraction is the physical attraction and if there is no mutual physical attraction then sweetheart your pursuit for this happiness is over.

Even in the pursing of a person, I don’t believe initially the woman should pursue the man, but if the woman is attracted to the man that is pursuing her then I believe she should give him a notion to pursue on. Now honey it is time for you to make your next move my way.

First, let’s talk. What is it about me that intrigues you? Then be original with your approach. Trust I’ve heard the lines about my smile, my eyes, my lips and lets not forget the “disrespectful” my ass. Brotha bring some class with your approach. Study me before you even approach me so that I am willing to listen to what you have to say. If you are not prepared, if you have not studied me then trust, you will get shot down. This true about any woman that a man is trying to pursue.

(The title may say “Should a Woman Pursue a Man,” but as you see my answer is a big NO!!)

Second, since you have studied me make sure you know what your intentions are. Hey let’s keep this 100. If your intentions are just sex, be straight up honest about it. You will be surprised that sometimes that is all that female may want as well. But also know that if she allows you to hit and then she walks away, don’t get mad because you caught feelings and she didn’t. So make sure you know your intentions.

Third, I think this should go for both the man and woman or pursuer and pursuee, don’t tell the person all your issues and problems. You have to think, is that fair on this person that has intentions to be with you, that you dumb or unload every mental issue you have. Keep some things to yourself. Allow them to ask and you ask questions too but take ┬ámental note on things that may be a little unsettling to you. If she’s crazy, you will know. If he is a nut job, you will know. She will show her hand and he will show his hand.

The object is to pay attention. After while, then she should pursue a little. Show him some interest, treat him also. Everyone wants attention and affection. That should never be a one way street.

Loving you always,

Simpli E