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Sexual Dysfunctions 09282017

All 80’s Singles Mingle Meet & Greet

The Jaye Spot & 180 RealTalk are setting the mood for the All 80's Singles Mingle event. We're going to Party, Mingle, Slow Dance, & Play Sexxy games.!!! Why be alone when you can "Mingle...

The Jaye Spot Episode Dating vs Hooking UP 01212016

Do people today still date? Or is your first date "come over to my house and let's hook up"? When this topic aired on The Jaye Spot, responses from the show leaned more to...

The Jaye Spot Episode Cheating 01142016

When I look back at this show, I think of pain that I felt in the room from our guest. More so the fellas. They had been cheated on, one forgave his significant other...

Should Women Pursue Men?

Should me pursue women.....ABSOLUTELY!! I apologize, see suga here on The Jaye Spot some things remain old fashion. Court me, get to know me, take your time with me. I will keep you intrigued...

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Child Support

Child Support (What are the rights of the non-custodial parent? Can visitation be denied if child support is not being paid? What are Father’s Rights?)